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@notify_ly Just on the clock. I said it then and I'm going to say it again: YOU. ARE. AWESOME.

David Gil

CTO @ideas4all, @qoolife

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Most useful @Slack integration?

James Mundy

Building & designing digital products

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What a great Slack bot to aid in competitor research for #UXStrategy | Notify - #UX #Startups

Ken Chernoff

UI/UX Strategy Leader and consultant

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we use @notify for @slackHQ to alert us when anyone mentions BuzzFarmers or our clients.

Patrick Hughes

Founder @LanternContent

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Every company with Slack try! Running it one day and we all love it! (even our clients)

Maartje Eyskens

cert-manager @JetstackHQ

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I just went through the signup and onboarding process for @Notify_ly - they've done a great job.

Tim Haines co-founder

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set up @notify_ly last night, it's really sweet

Sam Scaife

creative tinkerer@Natives_HQ

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@notify_ly your product rocks and deserves the recognition. Keep it up 👍🏻

Maxwell Finn

Serial entrepreneur

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Need to keep track of your company #PR? or even your competition, friends, family, you? Get yourself @SlackHQ & @notify_ly Simple & Free

Nate Morris

Director of Client Success @ Breezy HR

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At a startup and using @SlackHQ ? (you should be!) You gotta get Notify - it's absolutely awesome. cc @notify_ly

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